NC Castle Doctrine/ Stand Your Ground

A socials study teacher at my 14 year old’s school is having the kids discuss/ debate hot topic issues, which I wholeheartedly support. They are talking about gun control and he made a statement that you can only shoot someone breaking into your home if you see they have a weapon. That is NOT TRUE. My daughter makes me so proud because she corrected his statement.

The NC Law presumes a person who unlawfully and by force enters or attempts to enter a home, vehicle, or place of business intends to commit an unlawful act involving force or violence.

Therefore the legal requirement of a reasonable person believing deadly force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another is “PRESUMED” to be met without the person using the deadly force having to justify/ prove it. It is presumed!

My Concealed Carry Class

I enjoy my community and try to shop, eat and enjoy the outdoors locally (generally within 50 miles because North Carolina has that much to offer).  It is important for me to feel our community is safe and that we are able to take care of ourselves, families and our neighbors.

I started teaching shooting to friends many years ago after I came off of active duty in the Marine Corps. Later, I became a certified NRA instructor and began to teach NC Concealed Carry classes. I got into this and, will call this a Community Service, because I saw a lot of classes being taught as a business.  This meant that students were shuttled through the classes like cattle so the appropriate check boxes could be marked off and then they were let loose on the community with the bare minimum of training the law required.  There was no passion about the material from the instructor’s point of view.

My class is different.  First I do not charge a lot of money for the class even though I have to rent a classroom and pay range fees for my classes.  The local shooting ranges own their range and classrooms and will sell you the gun.  Seems like they would not charge much because it would get more people in that may join their range doesn’t it?  Some of these ranges charge 2-3 times what I do and they do not have the variable costs I do.

I try to stay in touch with my students and update them on trends and changes happening in North Carolina as it relates to firearms and Concealed Carry. Most of these folks are my neighbors and I want to ensure they don’t just get the training and then put there guns away and never practice the skills we go over in the class.  In the Marine Corps, I was a Marine Security Guard and worked with the U.S. State Department int he Diplomatic Security Service and we had to use every firearm we were issued at least once per quarter (familiarization firing) as a minimum.  Most of us would go to the range many more times than that though.  Skills get rusty if not used.

My Concealed Carry Class is interesting and we will cover all of the topics the law requires us to but, we will also talk about why we do things a certain way and what does it mean to you. We also talk about getting shot and what that may mean.  I have never been shot but, I know 3 folks that were and they gave me some insight.  I have been shot at though.  Not many Concealed Carry instructors at these expensive classes can say that.

Come check my class out!  I am sure you will like it.