Good Citizen with a Gun

  • 2018- A concealed carry permit holder in Titusville, FL save a lot of people by shooting gunman at a back-to-school event
  • 2012- Sarah McKinley killed one intruder and scared another away from breaking into her home.  It took 14 minutes for police to respond to her 911 call
  • 2012- 71-year old Samuel Williams used his gun to scare off armed robbers from an internet cafe in Florida
  • 2010- 69-year old Ethel Jones shot and wounded an intruder in Alabama
  • 2007- Jeanne Assam stopped a mass shooter at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Mark Vaughan used his gun to stop Alton Moore who had already beheaded an employee at Vaughn Foods
It is worth noting that Bloomberg and other anti-gunners count these dead and wounded criminals in their gun violence numbers so it looks like they were victims.